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Gibberellic acid (GA3)

Full Name:

Gibberellins, Gibberellic acid, GA3, 920, (3S,3aR,4S,4aS,7S,9aR,9bR,12S)-7, 12-dihydroxy-3-methyl-6-methylene-2-oxoperhydro-4a, 7-methano-9b, 3-propenozuleno[1, 2-b] furan-4-carboxylic acid

Molecular Formula: C19H22O6
Molecular Weight:346.37
EINECS No.: 201-001-0
CAS No.: 77-06-5


It is white crystal powder. Melting point is between 223-225. It is soluble in organic solvents such as alcohols, acetone, ethyl acetate and buffer solution of pH6.2 Phosphoric acid. Solvency in water is 5g/L. EC is a brown transparent clear liquid, which is easy flammable, and soluble in water.


Gibberellic acid is the growth adjustment of plant, which used to improve the growth prematurity and output of plant. It can break the dormancy of seed, tuber and bulb, and improve burgeon, growth and fruit rate. Especially, it has very good effect on crossbred rice. It is widely used on cotton, grape, tomato, fruit and vegetable, etc.

Technical Data Sheet:

Main Preparations

Corresponding Packing

Crystal Powder: 75%, 80%, 85%, 90%, 95%

1kg / bag, 25kg / fiber drum; 1g / bag, 50 bags / box, 40 boxes / cartons

SP: 10%, 20%, 40%

1g or 2g / bag.

ST: 10%, 16%, 20%

10g / aluminum bag; 5g / aluminum bag

EC:  2%, 4%

1g (25ml) or 4g (100ml) / plastic bottle, 100 bottles / box

GA4. A7 Tech: 90%

Comply with the relative regulations in GB3796-1999. According to customers' demand