Recruitment plan

1. Talent recognition: Through various channels such as the internet, human resources market, and social relations recommendation, fair and impartial recruitment of various outstanding management talents, technical personnel, and technical workers. Emphasize the identification of talents in practical work.

2. Talent cultivation: Internal training within the company is a necessary means to improve employees' job skills, identify with the company's corporate culture, and cultivate high-quality employees who meet the company's requirements. Through training, the comprehensive quality of employees should be continuously improved. We should attach importance to practical training, set high standards and strict requirements, and cultivate various talents.

3. Talent utilization: Provide a platform for employees to showcase their talents, fully utilize their talents, and enable them to grow and improve synchronously with the enterprise.


Recruitment vision

1. Strive to cultivate a team of enterprise management personnel with strategic thinking ability, modern enterprise management level, pioneering spirit and social responsibility. Ensure efficient, scientific, and harmonious enterprise management.

2. Strive to cultivate and cultivate a team of innovative and high-level professional and technical talents, enhance the enterprise's independent innovation ability, and ensure that the company's products maintain a leading advantage in technology.

3. Strive to build a high-level, disciplined, and proficient team of technicians to ensure product quality.


Growell, success with you!